• What is Calcium Formate?

    What is Calcium Formate?

    Calcium formate is an organic substance with a molecular formula of C2H2O4Ca and a molecular weight of 130.113, CAS: 544-17-2. Calcium formate is white crystal or powder in appearance, slightly hygroscopic, slightly bitter in taste, neutral, non-toxic, soluble in water. The aqueous solution is ne...
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  • What is Sodium Formate?

    What is Sodium Formate?

    Sodium formate is one of the simplest organic carboxylates, with a white crystal or powder in appearance and a slight odor of formic acid. Slight deliquescence and hygroscopicity. Sodium formate is harmless to the human body, but irritating to the eyes, respiratory system and skin. The molecular ...
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  • Acetic acid and isopropanol market conditions

    Acetic acid and isopropanol market conditions

    Acetic Acid: Today, many sets of plants are dissatisfied with the start of construction, and the supply side provides some support to the market. However, downstream users are generally less motivated to receive goods, and the transaction just needs to be flat. It is expected that the glacial ac...
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  • What is Dimethyl carbonate?

    What is Dimethyl carbonate?

    Dimethyl carbonate is an organic compound with the chemical formula C3H6O3. It is a chemical raw material with low toxicity, excellent environmental protection properties and a wide range of uses. It is an important organic synthesis intermediate. It has the characteristics of less pollution and ...
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  • What is Methyl Acetate ?

    What is Methyl Acetate ?

    Methyl acetate is an organic compound with the molecular formula of C3H6O2 and the molecular weight of methyl acetate: 74.08. It is colorless and transparent liquid in appearance, with fragrance, slightly soluble in water, and can be mixed in most organic solvents such as ethanol and ether. Meth...
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  • What is Ethyl Acetate ?

    What is Ethyl Acetate ?

    Ethyl acetate, also known as ethyl acetate, is an organic compound with the chemical formula C4H8O2. It is an ester with a functional group -COOR (a double bond between carbon and oxygen) that can undergo alcoholysis, aminolysis and transesterification reactions. , reduction and other common este...
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  • What is Chloroacetic acid ?

    What is Chloroacetic acid ?

    Chloroacetic acid, also known as monochloroacetic acid, is an organic compound. Chloroacetic acid is appearance is a white flaky solid. Its chemical formula is ClCH2COOH. Solubility: Soluble in water and most organic solvents such as ethanol and ether. Chloroacetic acid uses 1. Determination of ...
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  • What is Citric Acid ?

    What is Citric Acid ?

    Citric acid is divided into citric acid monohydrate and citric acid anhydrous, which are mainly used as acidity regulators and food additives. Citric acid monohydrate Citric acid monohydrate is an organic compound with a molecular formula of C6H10O8. Citric acid monohydrate is a colorless crysta...
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  • What is Oxalic acid ?

    What is Oxalic acid ?

    Oxalic acid is an organic substance with the chemical formula H₂C₂O₄. It is a metabolite of living organisms. It is a dibasic weak acid. It is widely distributed in plants, animals and fungi, and plays different functions in different organisms. Its acid anhydride is carbon trioxide. The appearan...
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  • What is Nitric Acid ?

    What is Nitric Acid ?

    Under normal circumstances, nitric acid is a colorless and transparent liquid with a suffocating and irritating odor. It is a strong oxidizing and corrosive monobasic inorganic strong acid. It is one of the six major inorganic strong acids and an important chemical raw material. The chemical form...
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  • What is Propionic Acid ?

    What is Propionic Acid ?

    Propionic acid, also known as methylacetic, it is a short-chain saturated fatty acid. The chemical formula of propionic acid is CH3CH2COOH, the CAS number is 79-09-4, and the molecular weight is 74.078 Propionic acid is a colorless, corrosive oily liquid with pungent odor. Propionic acid is misci...
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  • What is Formic acid ?

    What is Formic acid ?

    Formic acid is an organic matter, the chemical formula is HCOOH, the molecular weight of 46.03, it is the simplest carboxylic acid. Formic acid is a colorless and pungent liquid, which can be arbitrarily miscible with water, ethanol, ether and glycerol, and with most polar organic solvents, and a...
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